Ranking The Avengers As Potential Prom Dates


War Machine: 1 out of 6 Infinity Gems




— Your parents trust him way more than that Iron Man kid.




— Good chance he might tattle on you for sneaking booze into prom.


— Excellent chance he will spend the majority of the dance insisting that everyone keep a safe distance from his suit, repeatedly mentioning that he is “not a toy, guys, OK? Stop. Stop, or I’m telling the principal.”


Overall: War Machine is an excellent Avenger, but probably too concerned with following authority to be all that much fun as a prom date.

Marvel / Century Novelty / Formal Tailer / Via centurynovelty.com / formaltailor.co.uk

Vision: 1.5 out of 6 Infinity Gems




— Will pick you up on time.


— Will probably do the robot if you ask him nicely and it seems like something that will make you happy.




— Everything he knows about prom will have come from TV, movies, and Wikihow.


— Is likely a better dancer than you.


Overall: Vision is a very nice boy, and exactly what your parents were hoping for your prom date, but sometimes you need a prom date who can sweep you off your feet without having to do a major database search about it.

Marvel / Thinkstock / Macy’s / Via www1.macys.com

Quicksilver: 2 out of 6 Infinity Gems




— You won’t have to worry about him being too slow to buy his prom tickets, and order his tux and corsage.




— Will probably get very impatient riding in the limo.


— Too fast of a dancer to not step on everyone’s toes.


— Will start a fight with you when he insists on his sister being included in your formal prom pictures.


Overall: Save yourself some time, and just tell him to take his sister to prom, it’s what he really wants to do, anyway.

Marvel / Thinkstock / Via ties.com

Scarlet Witch: 2.5 out of 6 Infinity Gems




— If your prom theme is terrible, she can conjure you up a new one.


— Could manipulate all the chaperones into leaving.




— Will spend most of the prom complaining about her brother’s prom date.


— If Tony Stark so much as shows his face, she. is. leaving.


Overall: Definitely should be a part of your prom squad, but maybe not as your date. Definitely try to talk her into taking her brother as a friend.

Marvel / Eljos / Via eljos.com

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Ranking The Avengers As Potential Prom Dates

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